How to Decorate Eyeglass Frames

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Things You'll Need

  • Plastic eyeglass frames

  • Eyeglass cleaner

  • Scribbles Dimensional Paints

  • Cling wrap

  • Scissors

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Decorating eyeglass frames can be a creative way to customize your look for everyday or special occasions. Whether simply colorful or totally wild, nearly anything can be done to plastic eyeglass frames to dress them up. For a first time foyer into the eyeglass-decorating realm, hobby paints made for plastic can inspire countless ideas and result in personalized eyewear sure to get second looks.


Step 1

Determine your design. Draw out a rough draft of your eyeglasses and plan out your design. A simple dot or floral motif works well if this is your first time decorating your frames. Also consider a special outfit or your general wardrobe colors when selecting your dominant colors.

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Step 2

Gather your materials. For a simple painted eyeglass frame you will need hobby plastic paints such as Scribbles Dimensional Paint. Since the pain is applied directly from the tubes, you don't need a paintbrush. Scribbles Dimensional Paints come in plain or iridescent colors.


Step 3

Clean your glasses and frames and dry thoroughly. After cleaning, do not touch the front surface of your eyeglass frames where you want to apply your paints to keep them oil-free.

Step 4

Shake the tubes well to mix the paints. Tap a dot of paint onto some scrap paper to get rid of the first, often watery, application and to test the size of the paint line or dot.


Step 5

Begin applying your design. Apply the paints directly from the tube onto your eyeglass frames. Make dots, swirls or vines around the top and bottom of the frames.

Step 6

Remove design elements you don't like with a cotton swab while the paint is still wet.


Step 7

Apply additional colors to finish the design. Decorate the widest areas of the frames such as the top of the frame, the ear pieces and the bridge.

Step 8

Avoid getting paint onto the glass surface. For extra protection, cut a piece of cling wrap to the size and shape of your lens and place over the glass surface.


Step 9

Let your eyeglasses dry for 24 hours before wearing. Place them in a safe area where they won't be moved or bumped until the paint is totally dry.


Treat your decorated glasses tenderly as the paint may chip off with vigorous cleaning.

Practice your technique on some inexpensive plastic eyeglass frames from the local pharmacy before decorating your more expensive glasses.


Apply your paint modestly. Large thick dollops of paint will take longer to dry and are more likely to chip or peel.


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