How to Get the Wrinkles Out of a Suede Jacket

Suede jackets are soft and fashionable. These are the pros. The cons include the fact that suede can be a difficult fabric to care for, and wrinkles can be a tricky situation to fix. It may not be convenient to run to the dry cleaner every time. Fortunately, there are a few things that can be done at home to get wrinkles out of a suede jacket.

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Things You'll Need

  • Iron

  • Press cloth

  • Padded clothes hanger

  • Ironing board


Step 1

Set the iron at a mid to low heat setting, and disable the steam function.

Step 2

Lay the jacket flat on the ironing board. Cover the jacket with a press cloth. A brown paper bag may be used for this purpose; some people prefer to use a cotton towel or cloth. The purpose is to prevent direct contact between the iron and the jacket.

Step 3

Iron the jacket using swift, light movements. Never press the iron down on the fabric. It is also a bad idea to leave the iron on a single spot for too long. A light sweeping across the press cloth is the best way to work out wrinkles while maintaining the integrity of the suede.


Step 1

Put the suede jacket on a padded clothes hanger.

Step 2

Hang the jacket in the bathroom on the towel rack. If there is no towel rack, hang the jacket in the doorway. Do not hang the jacket on the shower curtain rod, as the contact with the steam will be too direct.

Step 3

Run the tub or shower with the water set on hot. It should be hot enough to create steam throughout the bathroom. Allow the jacket to sit in the steamy bathroom for a few minutes. As wetting skins can be a risky endeavor, the jacket should be checked frequently.

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