How to Iron Crayon Onto Fabric

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Things You'll Need

  • Drawing paper

  • Pencil

  • Crayons, fabric or regular

  • Fabric of your choice

  • Newspaper

  • Iron

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You can create unique designs on fabric by using a hot iron and some fabric or regular crayons. Embellish the look of clothing, purses and even art projects with melted crayons. Look for most of the supplies for this project at your local craft, hobby or fabric store.



Step 1

Develop your design on a regular piece of drawing or construction paper. Use a pencil to blacken in the outline. Heavily color in all areas of the design. The more pressure and color you apply, the better the result. You can use regular crayons for this project or fabric crayons, either will work fine.

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Step 2

Place a sheet of newspaper under the fabric you will be ironing on. Flip the designed paper upside down onto the fabric and gently press and smooth down.

Step 3

Set your iron to the cotton setting; allow to heat up thoroughly. Once hot, place iron on the designed paper and press gently, constantly moving the iron to evenly melt the crayon. The design should start to appear through the paper; this will let you know the design is transferring to the fabric. Gently remove the paper from the fabric.


Keep in mind the design will transfer onto the fabric in the reverse. If you are using a design with numbers and letters, write them backward.


This project requires adult supervision due to the use of the hot iron. Remember to unplug and turn off the iron when you complete the project.


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