How to Cut Aluminum Trim

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Things You'll Need

  • Cardboard

  • Worktable

  • Aluminum trim

  • 2 self-locking C-clamps

  • 14 teeth-per-inch (TPI) bi-metal hacksaw blade

  • Hacksaw

  • Safety glasses

  • Fine-toothed file

  • Dust brush

All types of aluminum trim are readily cut with standard saws, although certain types of power saws will require carbide blades. If you only have a few pieces of aluminum trim to cut, you can cut through the trim with an inexpensive handsaw. Unlike cutting other types of metal, use a saw blade that is not fine-toothed, as the aluminum will quickly clog the area between the cutting teeth and render the saw blade useless.


Step 1

Lay the cardboard flat on top of the worktable.

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Step 2

Place the aluminum trim near the edge of the worktable, resting on the cardboard.

Step 3

Secure the aluminum trim to the worktable by clamping it in placing with the two self-locking C-clamps. Make sure that one pair of C-clamps is placed near the end of the aluminum trim farthest from the end of the worktable and the other six-inches in from the end of the worktable.


Step 4

Insert the 14-TPI hacksaw blade into the hacksaw, and put on your safety glasses.

Step 5

Rest the end of the hacksaw blade closest to the saw's handle on the aluminum trim, with the blade just past the edge of the worktable. With minimal pressure downward, pull the hacksaw toward you to start the cut into the aluminum trim.


Step 6

Tilt the end of the hacksaw blade toward you and push the hacksaw back over the aluminum trim. If you do not tilt the hacksaw back, it will bind in the aluminum trim, and this could break the hacksaw blade or damage the aluminum.

Step 7

Continue the process of pulling and pushing the hacksaw until you have cut through the aluminum trim.


Step 8

Run the fine-toothed file over the end of the aluminum trim in a sliding motion to remove the sharp bur left on the trim by the cutting process.

Step 9

Release the cut aluminum trim by removing the two pairs of self-locking C-clamps securing the aluminum trim to the worktable.

Step 10

Clean the cardboard with a dust brush.


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