How to Build Your Own Storage Rooms

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Things You'll Need

  • Lumber

  • Drywall

  • Nails and screws

  • Electric screwdriver

  • Various saws

  • Wooden or metal shelving

  • Joint compound

  • Paint

  • Door jamb components

  • Exterior door

  • Hinges and locks

It's relatively easy to build a storage room using wasted space or small spaces. Small storage rooms can be installed under stairways or in garages or basements. Consider using room at the end of a carport or over a detached garage. If you perform the labor, you can build storage rooms inexpensively. Purchase lumber, doors, and drywall from close-out sales or recycle materials from other projects around the house.


Step 1

Find hidden space inside and outside your home that is wasted. Sketch all dimensions of a room and figure out how to utilize space to accommodate shelves to hold boxes, books, clothes or trunks of old items you don't want to discard. Take time to design a nice looking storage room that will not detract from the beauty of the surrounding area. Begin by building wooden framework and attaching it to existing wall studs and floor joists.


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Step 2

Think in terms of creating closet space. A storage room is really an expanded closet. Install wiring for an overhead light and buy or build shelving and accessories for hanging items. Finish a storage room inside and out with drywall to give it a polished and professional appearance. If the room is not inside your home, enclose it with exterior-grade plywood. Consider insulating the room if you will store specific materials in it during cold months or flammable materials during hot months.


Step 3

Paint the storage room the same color as surrounding walls if it adjoins living space. Finish the drywall and attach molding and baseboard materials to blend seamlessly into living space. If you don't wish to attach the room to the ceiling, you can build it six feet tall and leave a couple of feet above it for plants or art objects. Attach crown molding around the top of the storage room.


Step 4

Install louvered doors or sliding doors if you will access the room often. Install a standard metal or wooden door with a lock if you desire to keep private or costly items in the room. Consider installing a fire-proof metal safe for important paperwork built into a wall or floor of an interior storage room.


Step 5

Lay vinyl sheet flooring, carpet or wooden flooring in a storage room. While tile is relatively expensive, it works well if you will store lawn tools or pet items in the storage room. A ceramic-type tile floor is easier to mop or scrub if it gets extremely dirty.


Recycle doors, locks and flooring if possible. Leftover items from other projects can work well in storage rooms. For example, two different colors of sheet vinyl can work together on the floor. Or, leftover sheet vinyl flooring can be attached to walls or shelving.


Take precautions in knocking out areas under stairwells or between rooms to build a storage room. Consult an expert to see if you are removing a load-bearing wall. A wall alongside a staircase might be holding up the staircase itself.


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