How to Boil Eggs With an Electric Tea Kettle

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Make a few deviled eggs if you cooked more eggs than you needed.
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When all you have is an electric kettle, you can still boil eggs. Take advantage of the kettle's ability to boil water in a flash, whether you're in a fully-equipped kitchen or somewhere with fewer amenities. With no pot to watch, all you need to do is set a timer and you can scoop your eggs out after the appropriate time. It's so convenient, you may never want to use a regular pot to boil your eggs again. It works best on smaller quantities of eggs, so if you're cooking for a crowd, consider a different method.


Step 1

Place the eggs in the electric kettle, making sure they don't touch the heating element. Don't overcrowd the eggs.

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Step 2

Add water to the kettle so the eggs are covered by about 1 inch of water.

Step 3

Elevate your tea kettle by placing about a 2-inch-tall object underneath it on one side to prevent the eggs from touching the heating element. For example, place a notepad on one edge of the tea kettle to prop it up.

Step 4

Turn the kettle's switch to "on."


Step 5

Set a timer for a 13-minute countdown after the water boils for hard boiled eggs.

Step 6

Remove the eggs from the kettle. Let the eggs cool and peel off their shells.


Eating undercooked eggs can lead to foodborne illness.

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