How to Get Floor Wax Off Shoes

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You can get floor wax off shoes.
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While shoe polish can shine shoes nicely, floor wax and candle wax can leave unsightly stains and marks on your shoes. If you don't realize that you have gotten floor wax on your footwear as soon as it happens, the wax will harden and be more challenging to get off. There are several different ways to get wax off shoes, but you'll have to be extra careful if your shoes are made from leather or suede.


Removing Floor Wax From Shoes

Removing wax from shoes uses a similar method to removing wax from clothing. You'll need a butter knife, paper bags and an iron. Take the knife and remove as much of the wax as you can. Make sure you use the blunt side because the serrated side could scratch the material. Put the shoe fabric between two brown paper bags, almost like making a shoe sandwich.


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Put the iron on medium heat and gently iron over the bags. Keep working until you see the wax beginning to transfer out of the shoe material onto the paper bags. You may have to use several paper bags if there is a lot of wax. This method works on various materials, like canvas, cotton, wool and silk. If the fabric is delicate like the latter two, reduce the iron's heat setting to low.


I Got Wax on My Leather Shoes!

When possible, wipe away any melted or soft wax with paper towels before it hardens. It is best to begin at the lowest point and wipe inwards to prevent the wax from spreading. Then, get some ice and wrap it in a scrap of cloth. Put this in a zippered plastic bag and hold it against the remaining wax for about a minute. The cold from the ice should harden the wax, and you can gently scrape it off with the butter knife.


Using a hairdryer can also be an effective way to heat the wax. Use the warm setting and hold it a few inches from the shoe. Blot the wax with a clean cotton cloth or white paper towels. Keep working until all the wax has been absorbed. Once all or most of the wax is out, use a leather or suede cleaner while the material is still warm. Wipe in a gentle circular motion, going in both directions. Follow this with a leather or suede conditioner.


Removing Other Wax Stains

To remove wax spills from rugs and carpets, use an iron. First, take a damp, clean cloth and cover the wax stain with it, ensuring that the stain is completely covered. Turn your iron on medium heat, gently ironing the spot until the wax starts to come out of the carpet and into the cloth. To remove wax from glass, heat it with a blow dryer and wipe it off with paper towels.


Are there wax spots on your wood floor? Wood is porous, so you won't want to heat the wax which would cause it to sink in. Try using ice instead in much the same way as with leather shoes. Put the ice in a zippered plastic bag and rub it over the wax until it becomes hard and brittle. You can then scrape it off using a butter knife, but be careful not to scratch the wood.



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