How to Replace Shocks on a Chrysler Sebring Convertible

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Things You'll Need

  • Socket set

  • Screwdrivers

  • Floor Jack

  • Jack stand

  • Lug wrench

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The Chrysler Sebring convertible uses rear shock absorbers to dampen jolts to the suspension. These shocks can wear out over time, or leak and require replacement. Removal can be done by the average backyard mechanic, without the need to take the car to an expensive repair facility. The time to complete this repair is about an hour.

Step 1

Lift the rear wheel of the Sebring. by placing the jack head underneath the frame rail forward of the wheel well and pumping the lever until the wheel is in the air. Place a jack stand near the jack head on the same frame rail for support. Do not place either onto the suspension or body for support, as this could damage the car.

Step 2

Remove the whee,l by turning the lug nuts counterclockwise. Set the wheel away from the work area.

Step 3

Remove the top shock mount nut and bushings by first opening the trunk and pulling the carpet away from the floor. Locate the shock tower mount, near the wheel well. Turn the primary vertical mount nut counterclockwise and remove it. Two bushings should accompany the nut. Some models have a shock tower mount plastic shield that must be removed to access the mount nut. These pop out with a screwdriver and are reused.

Step 4

Remove the lower mount nut by turning it counterclockwise. The shock will now be free to slide off of the lower mount bolt and maneuver out of the car.

Step 5

Replace the shock with a new unit by positioning the shock's top mount bolt through the hole in the body, then cutting the keeper strap and sliding the bottom mount eyelet onto the mount bolt. Attach and tighten the bottom mount nut. On the top mount, through the trunk, apply one bushing before the mount nut and one after. These prevent the mount from squeaking and making noise. Tighten the nut fully, then replace the plastic mount cover, if applicable.

Step 6

Replace the wheel by turning the lug nuts clockwise in an alternating pattern. Remove the jack stand and lower the Sebring by turning the pressure screw on the floor jack counterclockwise slowly. Recover the trunk area with the carpet and close the trunk. Repeat the entire procedure on the opposite shock.


Replace shock absorbers in pairs.


Use extreme caution when working underneath a vehicle.