How to Use Revive Lawn Treatment

Revive is a soil treatment that acts as a catalyst to help the soil release essential nutrients that can be tied up in hard, dry ground. It is a natural and organic product that uses processed plant bi-products and compost extracts. Advocates for the product claim that using Revive may help you aerate hard soil, improve grass and plant growth and ultimately conserve water with less runoff. Revive isn't a fertilizer and can be used either with a fertilizer or on its own.

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Things You'll Need

  • Fertilizer Or Compost

  • Insecticides

  • Water

Step 1

Fertilize the ground where you want to improve plant and grass growth. Apply the fertilizer according to manufacturers recommendations or apply a layer of compost over the area. While Revive will improve soil function without fertilizer, if you are planning on fertilizing, you should apply it prior to applying the Revive.

Step 2

Apply a layer of Revive on top of the fertilizer. You can aerate the lawn if you choose to, but Revive will allow the soil to absorb and retain the water, so this isn't necessary.

Step 3

Water regularly in the mornings. This helps prevent fungus growth by drying the grass blades prior to the evening when fungus growth is ideal. Turn sprinklers on between 4:30 and 6 am for five minutes. This is adequate to nourish the lawn.

Step 4

Use anti-fungal treatments and insecticides as you would normally do. This will prevent fungus from overtaking the lawn or bugs from eating the leaves and browning things.


Using Revive in the the early part of the spring helps plants and lawns thicken and develop deep colors.