How to Prevent Cigarette Smoke From Coming Through Electrical Outlets

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Things You'll Need

  • Outlet insulation pads

  • Screw driver

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There is nothing worse to a non-smoker than having to smell cigarettes when you don't want to, especially when that smell is in your home. One way that smoke can travel to other areas of a house or building is through the walls. Walls on the inside of a house or building are often not insulated, leaving room for drafts and odors to creep in from other rooms. One way to eliminate the traveling smoke smell, and to save energy from drafty walls at the same time, is to install insulation in your electrical outlets.


Step 1

Purchase your outlet insulation pads from a hardware store. Take note of how many outlets you have in your house, and what types. Some outlets have 2 or 4 sockets, and some are combined with light switches.

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Step 2

Turn off the electrical breakers that go to the outlets you will be working on in order to prevent electrical shock.


Step 3

Unscrew the outlet plate from the outlet and pull it off. Be very careful not to lose the tiny screw that holds it in place.

Step 4

Place the insulation pad on the back of the outlet cover, lining up the pre-cut holes.


Step 5

Place the outlet cover, with the insulation, back onto the outlet and secure in place. Repeat this process with all of your outlets, especially those on indoor walls.


Have a pair of scissors nearby, just in case you need to trim or alter the insulation pad in any way.


If you rent your home, get permission from the landlord before adding outlet insulation. Most landlords will have no problem, as you are increasing the value of their property, but some may want to have an outside professional come in and do the work. It is vital that you obtain permission before doing any work on property that you do not own, even if it is home improvement work.



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