How to Fix a Tear in Sheer Drapes

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Things You'll Need

  • Sheer drapes

  • Ultra light fusible tape (1/2-inch to 5/8-inch wide)

  • Scissors

  • Iron

  • Ironing board

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A tear in sheer drapes may be distressing, especially if the tear is large or in a conspicuous area. Instead of replacing an entire sheer drapery panel, try to fix the tear first using special fusible tape. Fusible tape is narrow tape with an adhesive side that will bond to fabric when you apply heat. By using the fusible tape to hold the tear together on the wrong side of the sheer drapes, you may be able to fix the tear sufficiently.


Step 1

Remove the sheer drapes from the drapery rod to enable you to mend the tear.

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Step 2

Cut a length of fusible tape that is approximately 2 inches longer than the tear.

Step 3

Position the sheer drapes on the ironing board so you can apply the fusible tape to the tear and iron it.

Step 4

Lay the fusible tape over the tear with the paper backing side facing up. You must line up the raw edges of the tear so they butt against each other perfectly. Make sure the entire tear is beneath the fusible tape and the tape extends approximately 1 inch above and below the tear.

Step 5

Plug the iron in and turn it on to a medium setting with steam. Wait while the iron heats.


Step 6

Iron the fusible tape to the sheer drapes over the paper backing. Apply the iron to each section of fusible tape for approximately five seconds and then move the iron to another section of tape. Continue ironing until you have attached the entire section of fusible tape with the iron.

Step 7

Set the iron aside and allow the fusible tape to cool.


Step 8

Remove the paper backing by separating it at one end and pulling it off the entire length of fusible tape.

Step 9

Hang the sheer drapes back onto the drapery rod. Although the repair job will not be perfect, it may be sufficient to avoid replacing the sheer drapes.


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