How to Obtain a Corporate Rate at a Marriott Hotel

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Company leaders often negotiate a specific rate for all employee rooms.
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When you're traveling for business, you're likely on the company's dime -- but that doesn't mean the company leaders don't want to get the best deal possible on your stay. In addition to discounts for military and government employees, AAA members and seniors, the Marriott chain typically has some type of discount corporate rate.


Corporate Snoozing

If you're a manager or company leader whose employees spend a lot of time traveling, join one of Marriott's corporate programs. Send an email to the corporate-programs office or if you're already frequent visitors to a particular hotel, call the manager directly to inquire. The process for joining may vary by hotel but generally involves filling out an application. From there, you obtain a discount code employees use to book their hotels online. If you don't travel as frequently, you can apply for a corporate credit card that offers Marriott reward points. If you're traveling only once to a particular hotel, call the hotel to inquire about the corporate rate. If you're an employee, ask your manager, human-resources officer or travel coordinator to give you the discount code for your company. When you book your hotel online, enter that code into the "Corporate/Promotional" section of the reservation page.