How to Make No-Sew Fleece Hats

Fleece is a very versatile fabric that is particularly suited to winter accessories like hats. There are no-sew fleece hats you can make that are perfect for kids' crafts or those with no sewing experience. While it is best to measure the head of the person who will be wearing the hat, you can make a general adult-sized hat with the measurements listed here.

Things You'll Need

  • Fleece fabric

  • Scissors

  • Ruler or tape measure

  • Fabric pencil

Step 1

Cut the fleece into a 15-inch by 28-inch rectangle, and cut a 1-inch by 7-inch strip. Set the smaller strip of fleece aside for later.

Step 2

Lay the fleece rectangle out flat and fold the bottom edge of the longer side up 3 inches.

Step 3

On the right side, measure up 1 inch from the bottom of the folded edge and mark this, then measure up 1 inch and mark this. Measure up another 4 inches and mark, then measure and mark 1 inch from there. Measure up yet another 4 inches and mark, then measure and mark 1 inch from this point.

From the right outside edge, measure 4 inches and draw a line straight up the fabric. Draw lines from the points you measured toward the line that is 4 inches inward.

Step 4

On the left side, measure up 1 inch from the bottom of the folded edge and 1 inch inward from the outside edge. Mark this spot, then measure and draw a 1/2 inch line vertically from this point. Measure 4 inches from the top of this line, and then measure and draw another 1/2 inch vertical line. Measure 5 inches up from the top of the second line and measure and draw a third 1/2 inch vertical line.

Step 5

Cut the three 1/2 inch vertical lines on the left side into slits. Cut away the excess fleece on the right hand side, so that you have three 1-inch by 4-inch tabs sticking out from the main body of the hat that correspond with the slits on the other side of the hat.

Step 6

Make vertical cuts along the top edge of the hat to create a fringe.

Step 7

Fold the hat with the folded edge on the outside. Pull the lower tab through the lower slit and knot it together. Pull the middle and top tabs through the corresponding slits and knot these too.

Step 8

Gather the top of the hat and wrap the extra strip of fleece that you cut in Step 1 around the base of the fringe and knot it to close the hat.


For custom hat sizes, measure the person's head and add 4 inches. When you cut the fleece, cut a rectangle that's 15 inches by the number you get from the person's head measurement plus 4 inches.