How to Remove Fungus From a Wooden Fence

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Things You'll Need

  • 2 plastic pails

  • Bristled scrub brush

  • Large sponge

  • Bleach

  • Roll of plastic

  • Safety goggles

  • Sodium borate - commercial formula

  • Plastic gloves

  • Garden hose

Wood fencing exposed to the elements requires routine maintenance. Even if wood is treated or sealed, fungus can attack if there is persistent high humidity. If the problem is ignored, fungus can infiltrate the fence's wood fibers and cause wood rot. It's a simple task to remove fungus from wood fencing and doing so will save you the expense and time of replacing rotted boards.


Removing Fungus With Bleach

Step 1

Pour bleach into a plastic bucket. Pour clean water into a second pail and toss in a large sponge.

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Step 2

Unroll the plastic sheeting below the fence's drip line. Dip the bristle brush into the bleach and scrub away the mold. Sponge clean water over the wood to rinse off the fungus and bleach residue.


Step 3

Roll up the plastic holding the bleach run off and carry it away from any grass or flower beds. Pour the bleach water down a drain or at hose it down with water in a driveway to dilute the bleach.

Removing Fungus with Sodium Borate

Step 1

Mix a commercially formulated sodium borate solution with water according to manufacturer's instructions.


Step 2

Lay plastic below the fence's drip line.

Step 3

Apply the sodium borate to the wooden fence with a brush. Sodium borate is a chemical that not only kills the surface fungus but penetrates the wood fibers for added protection in the future.

Step 4

Roll up plastic and pour run off from fence down the drain.


The best way to guard against fungus growth on wooden fences is to lower the humidity levels around the fence. Re-route gutters if necessary. You can also lay plastic on the ground under the fence and cover it with soil. The plastic will act as a vapor barrier. Wear safety goggles while working with bleach or sodium borate.


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