How to Mount Documents and Poems for Wall Display

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Things You'll Need

  • Poem or document

  • Frame

  • Measuring tape

  • Mat (optional)

  • Acid-free tape

  • Chamois cloth or microfiber towel

  • Newspaper

  • Level

  • Hammer

  • Nail(s)

  • Picture hook(s)

  • Construction or mulberry paper (optional)

  • Stickers (optional)

  • Old magazines or photographs (optional)

  • Scissors (optional)

This article walks readers through hanging documents or poetry on walls. Find out what supplies are needed and the steps you will take to frame documents or poetry to decorate your home or office walls.

You have three options when framing your poetry or documents. You can simply put the poetry or document in a frame cut to the exact paper size. But you can also make the display more appealing by matting the paper or decorating it. If you want to create something that will make your friends and family say "wow" when they see it, read on.


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Step 1

Measure the document or poem to be framed with a measuring tape and note its dimensions. You need to know the size of the original item to be framed whether you decide to mat the document or not.


Step 2

Decide whether you want a mat. If you would like to use a mat, make sure it covers no more than 1/4-inch of the margin all the way around your document. You need a little overlap to keep the document in place.

Step 3

If framing a poem and the paper has not been decorated, you may wish to enhance it. Create a collage using old magazine cutouts or incorporate a photograph into it. Use scrapbooking stickers and mulberry paper to create a lovely motif around your poem.


Step 4

Once your poem is decorated and you have the matting supplies, turn the mat over onto its front. Adhere the poem or document to the mat using just a tiny bit of acid-free tape in each corner.

Step 5

Place your document or poem into the frame. Use a chamois cloth or microfiber towel to wipe down the glass, making it dust-free. Place the frame, glass-side down on a newspaper (to keep from scratching the glass). Slide your document in place and affix the back of the frame to the front.


Step 6

Choose where you would like the frame to hang and put a light pencil mark where you will place the nail. To ensure your frame hangs straight, mark one dot about 1 inch in from the left edge of the frame. Use a level long enough to extend the length of the picture to line up the second dot.


Step 7

Hammer in your picture hook with a nail on the dots. Hang the document or poem. Use the level again on top of the frame to ensure it is hanging straight.


Use acid-free products to ensure your paper does not yellow or brittle and your products do not damage the document or poem. When hanging the frame, if your frame is wider than 12 inches you should use two nails.


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