How to Remove Dried Henna Paste

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Things You'll Need

  • Henna paste

  • Butter knife

Henna is a stain that can be applied to the skin to create elaborate and beautiful body art. It is usually applied to the hands or feet in beautiful shapes and patterns. It has been around for thousands of years and used by different cultures around the globe. Many cultures use it for rituals or ceremonies. Mehndi quality henna, the one used for body art, stains the skin a reddish-brown color.


Removing Dried Henna Paste

Step 1

Apply the henna paste to the skin.

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Step 2

Leave on skin for six to twelve hours--the darker the stain the longer it will last.


Step 3

Allow paste to dry and then carefully scratch the paste off using your fingernails or the back of a butter knife.

Step 4

Be careful not to get the henna art wet for 24 hours so that the stain will last.


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