How to Kill Devil Grass

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Things You'll Need

  • Turflon ester

  • Herbicide

  • Glyphosate

  • Gloves

  • Mask

  • Spray Bottle

Devil grass has earned its name for a reason. Also known as wire grass, dogs tooth grass, and Bermuda grass, devil grass can steal nutrients from the soil that would otherwise be used by your plants. Even worse, the spores of devil grass are carried by the wind and are easily picked up by clothes, shoes, and animals. That means fighting it can be ongoing problem.


Step 1

Spray the infected lawn or garden area with ester that is specifically designed to kill devil grass. The ester should be available at garden or home supply shops. Apply regular treatments once every three weeks between May and July.

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Step 2

Spot treat areas between ester treatments with a herbicide. Apply this directly to the spots where devil grass is growing. When the devil grass is killed, reseed those patches in your grass.

Step 3

Douse the entire area with a glyphosate, such as Roundup or Easy Gone Weed. Wait for one week, then spray down any areas still with devil grass. If no devil grass remains after another week, then resod the area.

Step 4

Continue upkeep. Devil grass can return even after you have killed it once, so be prepared to apply the ester again during the spring and summer months.


Cover delicate flowers or vegatable with a tarp before spraying glyphosate around them.


Use adequate safety measures when applying chemicals to your lawn. Wear long clothing, boots, gloves and a mask, and keep children out of the area.


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