How to Clean Metal Patio Railings

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Things You'll Need

  • Pail

  • Three rags

  • Metal cleaner

  • Soft synthetic bristle brush

Metal patio railings are available in different types of material. You can choose wrought iron, aluminum or steel. Patio hand railings are not only useful for protection while walking, design and decor are vital as well. When you have stairs leading to the backyard, the railings assist in keeping your balance. Preserving metal patio railings is important for overall appeal as well as safety reasons. You should clean the railings at least once a month. You may want to wash them more often in an area with high winds or dust.


Step 1

Fill the pail half full with a hose or outside faucet. Soak one rag. Do not wring it out.

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Step 2

Wipe down the patio railing. Remove the loose dirt and dust before using the metal cleaner. Wash in a circle around the hand bars, as well as the decorative and the structure bars.


Step 3

Spray the metal cleaner on the patio railing. Use an empty spray bottle if you buy a pour-bottle cleaner. You can find such metal cleaning products as Formula 420 Metal Cleaner or Rust Bullet Metal Blast in hardware stores.

Step 4

Scrub each bar with a soft brush. Use a synthetic bristle brush to eliminate scrapes or nicks on the metal surface. Brush around the bars, as well as any nooks or crannies in the patio railing.


Step 5

Dunk a clean rag into the pail. Wipe down the railing to remove any lasting dirt or cleaning solution. Rinse often and rub the railing at least three times.

Step 6

Use the remaining rag to dry the railing. Standing water may cause rust and damage. If the sun is out or the day is warm, you may let the metal patio railing air-dry.


For longer patio railings, complete the steps in manageable sections. Choose about 3 ft. of area to clean and dry. Then move on to another 3 ft. of railing.


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