How to Space Lantana Plants in a Garden

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Things You'll Need

  • Ruler or tape measure

  • Plant stake

Lantana is a hardy flowering plant similar to a shrub that produces an abundance of colored blooms during the spring, summer and fall months. With over 150 varieties of Lantana available, every gardener is sure to find one that they like. One of the biggest problems encountered with Lantana plants is planting them too close together. This is because the plants grow out horizontally as well as vertically and thus greater space is needed when they are first planted.


Step 1

Plan to plant five to seven Lantana plants in an area to create the best effect. Fewer than this number results in a sparse looking flower garden. If Lantana is being planted in a large area, more plants can be used.

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Step 2

Use a ruler or tape measure to mark off sections at 24-inch intervals. Use a plant stake to mark each spot. This is how far apart to plant the Lantana plants.


Step 3

Place one Lantana plant pot on each of the marked spots. Stand back and look to see if the plants are too close together. If any plants are within 5 to 6 inches of touching each other, they should be moved farther apart.


Do not fill in additional plants just because the garden looks sparse. The Lantana will spread as it grows to fill in the areas.


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