How to Fold Decorative Bathroom Towels

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Things You'll Need

  • Decorative towel

  • Table

  • Towel bar

A bathroom is not only a room for taking care of a person's hygiene needs. It can also be a decorated showcase. Decorative bathroom towels are part of the showcase, but only if they are out on display. The best way to fold decorative towels is to make the decoration centered. When folded properly, it reduces the need of having to refold them just to get them to hang right on the towel holder.


Step 1

Shake out any wrinkles and folds of a clean decorative bathroom towel. A couple of good snaps will usually cause wrinkles to disappear from the toweling material.

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Step 2

Lay the towel on a flat surface like a bed or table. Place the towel wrong-side upwards. Smooth the towel out with your hands.


Step 3

Fold the short edge of the towel in thirds. The first fold goes over the center line of the towel and the second fold overlaps the first fold. You have a long, narrow towel.

Step 4

Fold your towel in half lengthwise with the wrong sides together. Fold it in half again. Adjust the edges so they meet and put the towel away in the towel cupboard.

Step 5

Hang your decorative towel on your towel bar by unfolding the towel once and draping it over the towel bar.


This is the standard fold used in most hotels. It displays the decorative towel in an attractive way and is compact for storage. Fold small hand towels to large spa towels this way.


Provide your guests with alternative towels so they do not use your displayed decorative towels.


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