How to Make a Valance to Go Above the Shower Curtain

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Things You'll Need

  • Shower curtain rod

  • Valance

  • Shower curtain rings/hooks *optional depending on style

  • Tape measure

  • Pencil

  • Curtain brackets and rods

  • Screwdriver

Hanging a valance above a shower curtain isn't as complicated as it may seem. At first glance, a bathtub with a shower curtain liner, a shower curtain and a valance look difficult to arrange, but they don't have to be. Many options are available to make a valance go above a shower curtain. You can hang the valance on a separate shower curtain rod above and in front of the shower curtain rod, or you can slip the shower curtain rings/hooks through the holes of the valance and the shower curtain, depending on the style of the valance you're hanging.

Valance with a Casing and Separate Curtain Rod

Step 1

Adjust the shower curtain rod to fit your bath or shower unit. Usually shower curtain rods adjust by twisting two parts, making the rod smaller or larger. Place it where it will hang, and test it out. Remove it and continue.

Step 2

Slip the shower curtain rod through the valance casing.

Step 3

Position the shower curtain rod about 2 to 3-inches above the rod with the shower curtain and slightly in front of it. You don't want the shower curtain to get hung up on the valance as you open and close the shower curtain. This means that you will have three shower curtain rods holding the valance, the curtain, and the liner.

Valance with Insertion Holes and Same Rod as Shower Curtain

Step 1

Remove the shower curtain rod holding your shower curtain, and spread the rod and shower curtain flat on the floor.

Step 2

Place the valance on top of the shower curtain, aligning the holes.

Step 3

Remove the shower curtain ring/hooks one by one. Open the ring/hook, remove it from the shower curtain insertion hole, insert it first into the valance insertion hole and then through the shower curtain insertion hole. Close the ring or hook. There's no need to remove the shower curtain or the hooks/rings from the rod. Do this for all 12 or more rings/hooks.

Step 4

Lift the shower curtain rod with the shower curtain and valance attached, and carefully place it back in position in your bathtub unit or shower stall.

Valance with a Casing and Curtain Brackets and Curtain Rod

Step 1

Measure the place on the wall where you want your valance to hang. Ideally the valance should be at least 3 inches away from the shower curtain rod and as high as the drop of your valance. The drop of the valance is the measurement from the top of the valance to the hem of the valance. Mark the place on the wall with a pencil.

Step 2

Install the curtain brackets according to the manufacturer's instructions. This method of hanging your valance above the shower curtain is a fixed installation. You won't move it once it's installed.

Step 3

Slip the casing of the valance onto the curtain rod, and attach the curtain rod to the curtain brackets according to the style of rod and brackets you have selected. Arrange the valance so that it hangs evenly. A lightweight curtain rod works best unless you have a very heavy fabric valance design.