How to Smoke Venison Ribs

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Things You'll Need

  • Favorite meat marinade

  • Bowl

  • Basting brush

  • Foil

  • Knife

  • Smoker

  • Very large plastic bags

Venison is among the healthiest meats. Since deer eat only vegetation, their meat is very lean and has a sweet, rich flavor. There are as many ways to prepare deer ribs as there are beef and pork ribs. In fact, many people smoke venison ribs exactly the way they do other kinds of meat. However, since venison is so lean, it dries out easily. If the meat is prepared properly, your venison ribs will be juicy and flavorful.


Step 1

Place the venison ribs in very large plastic bags. If they won't fit, cut them into smaller pieces so that the bag closes. Prepare your favorite meat marinade and pour it over the ribs. Seal the bag and refrigerate for about 12 hours.

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Step 2

Add wood chips to your smoker and start them smoldering. Raise the temperature of your smoker to around 200 degrees F. Spread foil over the smoker's top rack, poking holes in it so the smoke can get to the meat.

Step 3

Lay the venison on the foil and gently fold the foil over and around the ribs. This will help keep in moisture. Close the smoker and allow the ribs to smoke for four to six hours, or until their juices run clear.

Step 4

Prepare more meat marinade in a large bowl. Brush marinade liberally over the ribs each hour, turning them so that you coat both sides. This will ensure the moisture in the smoker is constant and keep the venison juicy.


For extra moisture and flavor, pin strips of raw bacon to one side of the ribs with toothpicks. The bacon will smoke with the ribs and be delicious as well.


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