How to Drill a Concrete Wall

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Things You'll Need

  • Safety glasses

  • Proper masonry drill bit for the application

  • Hammer drill or rotary hammer

  • Hand-pumped water sprayer filled with water

  • A helper

When drilling a hole in concrete, the right tools are required, or you will spend endless hours drilling without progress. Standard drill bits used for drilling metal and wood will not bore a hole in concrete. Masonry drill bits have a chisel-shaped head, which is designed to drill into concrete. For best results, use a hammer drill or rotary hammer to power the masonry drill bit. A hammer drill pounds the drill bit against the concrete as the bit turns, allowing full contact between the tip of the bit and the surface of the concrete.


Step 1

Read the instructions enclosed with the hammer drill to insert the masonry drill bit into the drill's chuck.

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Step 2

Determine the depth of the hole required in the concrete wall. If you are installing a concrete anchor bolt or screw, read the manufacturer's instructions to determine the depth.

Step 3

Put on your safety glasses. Slide the depth gauge of the hammer drill to the proper depth. Lock the depth gauge in place.


Step 4

Pump the handle of the water sprayer to pressure the tank.

Step 5

Place the tip of the masonry bit against the concrete wall, aligned with the location that you require the hole.

Step 6

Squeeze the trigger of the hammer drill to start drilling the hole.

Step 7

Have the helper apply water to the concrete wall, covering both the tip of the drill bit and the concrete hole to reduce the amount of dust created from drilling and to keep the drill bit cool.


Step 8

Continue to drill until the depth gauge contacts the surface of the concrete.

Step 9

Remove the drill bit from the concrete hole by keeping the bit rotating and pulling the hammer drill toward you.

Step 10

Rinse off the masonry drill bit. Prepare the hole per the manufacturer's instructions if you are installing a concrete anchor into the hole.