How to Add Oil to a Murray Lawn Mower

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Things You'll Need

  • Gloves

  • Rag

If you've ever been mowing your lawn and noticed black smoke coming from your mower, then chances are you've forgotten to add oil. Oil is essential for your Murray lawnmower to remain in working condition. It is important (and very easy) to check your oil on a regular basis. Not adding oil to your Murray lawn mower can damage your engine, sometimes beyond repair. There is a variety of oils available on the market, so check your owner's manual before you go out and make a purchase.


Step 1

Move your Murray lawn mower onto a flat surface and turn off. You should never check oil or gas levels while your lawn mower is still running. This could lead to serious injury.

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Step 2

Locate the oil cap on your Murray lawn mower. It should be located on the side of the lawn mower.


Step 3

Put on your gloves and twist off the oil cap. The outside of the oil cap is likely to be quite greasy and dirty. Wearing a pair of latex gloves will help to keep your hands clean.

Step 4

Lift the oil cap up and wipe off the dipstick that is attached to it.


Step 5

Insert the dipstick back into the oil and pull up once more.

Step 6

Note how high the oil is on the dipstick.

Step 7

Slowly pour oil into the hole of the oil pan (where the dipstick came from), rechecking the oil level constantly. Once the oil reaches the "full" line, replace the cap.


Refer to your user manual as to what type of oil you should put into your Murray lawn mower.


Do not check or change the oil while your lawn mower is still running.


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