How to Remove Baked on Grease From Non Stick Pans

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Things You'll Need

  • Sink

  • Hot water

  • Grease fighting dish soap

  • Nonstick pan with baked on grease

  • Plastic spatula

  • Sponge

  • Nylon scratch pad

  • Stove

Some dishes leave your pans looking like a place where grease goes to die. You might find that no amount of elbow grease is going to allow your dish sponge to remove that baked on grease. You need a Plan B and maybe even a Plan C to get your nonstick pans back to a usable state. Don't worry, with a little bit of water, dish detergent, heat and a couple of tools you should be able to remove that baked on grease from your nonstick pans.


Removing Baked on Grease From Nonstick Pans

Step 1

Place your nonstick pans with baked on grease into the sink.

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Step 2

Fill your sink with hot water and add 2 tbsp of dish detergent that is grease fighting to the water. Swish the water a couple of times to distribute the soap and to make the water sudsy.


Step 3

Let the nonstick pans soak in the hot water for about 20 minutes to help loosen the baked on grease. Then, take the pans and gently scrape them with a plastic spatula to remove the grease. Wash the pans normally if the grease is now gone. Wash them with a nylon scratch pad if only a small amount of baked on grease remains, the scratchy pad should remove the little amount of grease.


Step 4

Fill your nonstick pans with water and a teaspoon of dish soap and place them on the stove over medium-low heat if the baked on grease appears to be really stubborn. The heat should further help loosen the grease, allowing you to remove it with a nylon scratch pad.



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