How to Paint Cement Deer Lawn Ornaments

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Things You'll Need

  • Garden hose

  • Masonry primer

  • Paint brush

  • Exterior latex paint

  • Small paint brush

  • Picture of a deer

  • Clear acrylic sealer

Cement deer ornaments are available in a variety of sizes and poses. You can purchase these ornaments already painted or in a gray shade of natural concrete. Painting concrete is not a difficult task although it does require some preparation to avoid having the paint flake away quickly when exposed to the elements. You can easily remedy any mistakes made while painting the deer's markings by wiping away the paint with a towel while it is still wet and trying again.


Step 1

Clean the cement deer with a simple garden hose to remove any existing dirt from the surface before you begin to paint. Allow the ornament to dry completely before you continue.

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Step 2

Apply a masonry primer with a paint brush to prep the surface of the deer ornament. Using a primer will help the paint adhere correctly and prevent it from being absorbed by the porous cement, which could cause a mottled effect in the finished appearance.

Step 3

Paint the entire deer by applying an exterior latex paint in your chosen base color with a paint brush. You can tint these paints in any color you desire, but brown is a good color choice for a realistic looking deer ornament. Allow the base coat to dry completely.

Step 4

Use a small paint brush and black and white exterior latex paints to paint details such as eyes, nose and any white markings onto the deer. Use a picture of a real deer as a guide.


Step 5

Apply a clear acrylic sealer to the cement deer ornament when the paint has dried completely. Look for a clear sealer specifically made for outdoor use to extend the life of your paint job.


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