How to Decorate Medical Walkers

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Things You'll Need

  • Bicycle basket

  • Wire

  • Spray paint

  • Stickers

  • Mirror

  • Horn

  • Fuzzy dice

  • Signs

  • Battery-operated lights

  • Silk flower garland

Medical walkers help people of all ages get around safely, but they are not the most stylish accessories. Decorating a walker is an easy way to personalize it and make self-conscious patients feel more comfortable with their equipment.

Step 1

Add a bicycle basket. Functional and eye-catching, a basket can be easily wired onto the front of a walker. Dress the basket up with silk flowers or fringe.


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Step 2

Spray paint it. Use a high-gloss paint for metal, and tape off all rubber parts with masking tape. Apply three to four light coats to create a bright red or classic black medical walker. Add some sass and have the walker professionally airbrushed with flames or other design elements.

Step 3

Apply decorative or humorous stickers. Collect colorful and comical stickers to personalize the walker's legs and cross beams. Start with a few, and ask friends and visitors to contribute.

Step 4

Dress it up like a 1950s vehicle. Attach side mirrors, fuzzy dice and horns. Paint the walker cherry red, and add chrome accents to the front.

Step 5

Hang a sign or two from the front of the walker. The top-front of the walker is the perfect spot. Whether it's the owner's name, his personal philosophy or something cute such as "Grandma's Caddy," a colorful sign can be made on a home computer or painted onto lightweight wood and attached with zip ties or wires.


Step 6

Light it up. Wrap battery-operated light strands around the legs or front of the walker to decorate it for a holiday or special event. Secure the lights with tape or wire.

Step 7

Wire garland on the front of the walker. Use green garland for the holidays and flower garlands during other times of the year to make it more festive. Silk flower garlands can be changed seasonally.


Consult a physical therapist for additional ideas and merchandise to personalize walkers.


Don’t allow decorations to get in the way of the use of the walker. Keep the areas near the feet of the walker and its collapsible arms free from wires or materials that will inhibit their function.


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