How to Use Bona Floor Cleaner

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The Bona floor cleaner is a cordless floor mop specifically designed for hardwood floors. The Bona require no batteries and is very easy to use. The microfiber cleaning pad is reusable, rather than disposable, saving you on maintenance costs. Read on to learn how to properly clean your floors with the Bona floor cleaner.


Step 1

Remove the large cap from the bottle of Bona floor cleaning solution. Insert the bottle upside down into the mounting cup on your Bona floor cleaner.

Step 2

Press the trigger on your Bona floor cleaner for a few seconds to spray the cleaner on a section of your floor.

Step 3

Push the floor cleaner back and forth a few times, until the section is clean. Work from one end of the room to the other to avoid stepping on a damp floor.

Step 4

Pull off the microfiber cleaning pad and wash it after each use.


The microfiber cleaning pad is washing machine safe; however, feel free to hand-wash it, if you like.