How to Make a Scavenger Hunt List

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Creating a scavenger hunt list doesn't have to overwhelm you.
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A scavenger hunt is an amusing party game that consists of guests searching for listed items within a set time limit. Although usually held outdoors, a scavenger hunt can take place anywhere. You can restrict your hunts to just your backyard or have it range all over town, depending on the item list and the ages of your guests. Classic scavenger hunts usually call for miscellaneous junk, such as an old spoon. Modern hunts can call for anything -- from a certain picture, such as a woman in a red dress -- to a specific food, like malted chocolate candy.


Step 1

Determine the overall theme for your scavenger hunt, such as a picture-taking hunt or a junk-gathering hunt.

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Step 2

Brainstorm possible items for your scavenger hunt that fit into the theme. Write down every item. Pick the best 10 ideas from the list, ensuring you have both easy-to-find and difficult-to-find items.


Step 3

Determine the time that you want the scavenger hunt to take. Assign a time value to each item on the top 10 list, such as 10 minutes for an easy task and 30 minutes for a difficult chore. Create a new list that fills the general time allotment, such as a 60-minute hunt with at least three easy 10-minute tasks and one hard 30-minute task.


Step 4

Review your final list to determine if it is suitable for the party theme and expected guests. Make any changes as needed. Print the completed list and make a copy for each expected guest.


It’s always better to have too many items on a scavenger hunt list rather than too few. Too few can mean the game is over quickly, and guests don’t get much of a chance to enjoy the process. Having too many items means the guests may give up after a certain amount of time with no chance to complete the hunt.


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