How to Remove Cadillac Rear Speakers

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The Cadillac is considered one of the most luxurious automobiles made by General Motors. However, as a Cadillac gets older, its stereo speakers may begin to wear out. Usually, what fails is the speaker cone assembly or the magnetic coil. When it goes, you simply won't be able to hear anything coming from that particular speaker. At that point, the only thing you can do is remove the speaker and try to get a new one installed.

Step 1

Open the trunk and locate the two black boxes underneath the rear window edge area.

Step 2

Remove the black plastic screws that hold the cove on the speakers. The black box is actually the speaker cover. You'll need to remove this cover to get to the underlying speakers.

Step 3

Pull the black outer cover down and remove the electrical connectors running to the back of the speakers.

Step 4

Remove the retaining screws that hold the speakers in place.

Step 5

Pull the speakers up out of the back of the Cadillac from inside the car.