How to Keep Slipcovers on Leather Furniture

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Things You'll Need

  • Scissors

  • Non-slip rug pads

  • Measuring tape

  • Slipcover

  • Leather couch

Slipcovers are a quick and cost-effective way to rejuvenate old or unsightly furniture. However, they can also require constant straightening, and leather furniture, with its smooth surface, is particularly prone to slippage. By placing a few non-slip rug pads underneath the slipcovers, both you and your furniture will be sitting pretty.


Step 1

Measure the sitting surface of the furniture. Add six inches to the total diameter. Next, measure the length of the backrest.

Step 2

Cut the non slip-rug pad according to the measurements you took for the sitting surface in Step 1. Cut a second piece of rug pad according to the measurements of the backrest that you took in Step 1. Make the width of the second piece of rug pad approximately 24 inches so that when the piece is laid along the top cushion, there is enough material to cover both the front and back of the couch.


Step 3

Place the first piece of rug pad on the sitting surface of the furniture. Tuck the edges between the couch frame and the cushions to secure it in place. Allow three to four inches to hang over the front of the seat cushion, both to keep the rug pad from showing under the slipcover and to keep it in place along the front edge.

Step 4

Drape the second piece of rug pad over the top of the backrest. Make sure it is draped evenly from side to side, as well as from front to back.

Step 5

Place the slipcover on your rug-pad covered couch. Tie or secure the slipcover as directed.


The more snug the slipcover fits over the furniture and rug pads, the less likely you will experience slippage.