How to Clean Hunter Douglas Silhouettes

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Things You'll Need

  • Dusting cloth

  • Blow dryer with cool setting

  • Vacuum with brush attachment

  • Cloths

  • Distilled water

Your Hunter Douglas Silhouette window shades represent a sizable investment, and with proper care they will last for years to come. These designer shades are built to function like shutters with a sheer fabric on each side to provide ultraviolet protection even when the shutters are open. Because of the delicate nature of the sheer fabric covering the vanes that make up the interior shutter portion, these window coverings require special care to keep them looking and functioning their best.


Step 1

Dust your Hunter Douglas Silhouette window coverings regularly using a soft cloth or a disposable anti-static dusting cloth.

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Step 2

Blow off your window coverings with your hair dryer set on the "Cool" setting. Start at the top and work your way down to the bottom.


Step 3

Vacuum your Silhouette window coverings if needed with the brush attachment of your vacuum cleaner. Work from the top to the bottom using vertical strokes.

Step 4

Spot-clean the headrail fabric only using a soft cloth and distilled water.


Step 5

Have your window coverings deep-cleaned by a professional if necessary. Hunter Douglas recommends using an injection/extraction cleaning system. Call Hunter Douglas Customer Service at (888) 501-8364, and a representative will refer you to a professional injection/extraction cleaning service in your area.


If you keep up with the regular dusting, blowing and vacuuming of your shades, you might not ever need to have them professionally cleaned.


When dusting your window coverings, don't use any dusting sprays or cleaning solutions. They can cause discoloration and damage.

Don't steam your Hunter Douglas Silhouette window coverings.


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