How to Apply Vellum to a Glass Candle Holder

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Things You'll Need

  • Ruler

  • Vellum

  • Glass candle holder

  • Scissor or paper trimmer

  • Sticker, rubber stamp or markers

  • Spray adhesive

Turn inexpensive candle holders into personalized home decorations or gift items by embellishing the plain glass cylinders with images stamped, printed or drawn on vellum paper. Because the parchment-like paper is translucent, traditional adhesives like glue and double-sided tape show through it easily, marring the beautiful designs. Preserve the vellum's elegant, sheer quality by adhering it to the candle holder with adhesives and simple techniques that will also keep the thin paper from bubbling or wrinkling.


Step 1

Mark a piece of vellum using a ruler and pencil that is 1 inch shorter than the glass candle holder. This will allow you to leave 1/2 inch at the top and bottom of the holder. Trim the vellum with scissors or a paper trimmer.

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Step 2

Add an embellishment to the vellum that coordinates with your table decor or the event theme. Apply a large sticker or add a rubber-stamped image applied with solvent ink that won't smudge on the slick paper. Or write a message or draw a design with markers specially formulated to dry on vellum without smearing.

Step 3

Adjust the width of the vellum piece. Use scissors or a paper trimmer to trim the vellum, leaving a 1-inch border to the left and right of the embellishment.

Step 4

Apply a light, even coat of vellum spray adhesive to the back of the entire piece of vellum. Applying too much of the spray may cause the thin paper to warp or wrinkle.


Step 5

Hold the vellum by the edges and center it top to bottom over the candle holder, ensuring the paper is straight. Press the left edge of the vellum down, and then use your fingertips or palm to slowly smooth the paper onto the candle holder the rest of the way to avoid bubbles.


Choose a cylinder-style candle holder with straight, smooth sides to adorn with vellum. The plain candle holder will give the sheer vellum a better surface to adhere to than one with curves or an ornate design.

If you’re designing a candle holder for a holiday table, consider vellum with a pre-printed design like hearts or stars.

If you want the vellum to wrap all the way around the candle holder, you may need to use two pieces if the cylinder has a wide diameter. Measure and cut each piece so the width will reach exactly 1/2 of the way around the candle holder. This way, the pieces will meet edge-to-edge rather than overlapping.

Get double-sided vellum tape at a scrapbooking or craft store if you’d rather not use spray adhesive to affix the vellum to the candle holder. Although the tape is transparent, you may still be able to see the line of adhesive, particularly if a lit candle illuminates the paper.


Avoid a fire hazard by ensuring the paper is below the upper edge of the holder so that it doesn't come in contact with the open flame of the candle.


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