How to Use Oasis in Floral Arrangements

Make beautiful and long-lasting fresh flower arrangements by inserting the stems of the blooms into Oasis. Oasis is a brand of floral foam that absorbs and holds water. After allowing the Oasis to absorb water, place it inside the container and it will hold fresh-cut flowers and keep them hydrated.

Things You'll Need

  • Bucket
  • Utility knife
  • Oasis
  • Container
  • Fresh flowers
  • Watering can with long spout

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Cut the Oasis so it fits into the container. Cut the Oasis so that it is 1 inch higher than the depth of the container. This will allow you to create a more natural-looking flower arrangement. Cut the Oasis so that it fits snugly into the opening of the container. Cut one notch in the side of the Oasis foam so that after you place it into the opening of the container, you will be able to insert the spout of a watering can into the notch for easy watering after you arrange the flowers.

Fill the bucket with cool water. Place the Oasis foam into the water in the bucket without pushing it below the surface of the water. Allow the Oasis foam to absorb water for less than one minute. The Oasis foam has absorbed enough water when the foam is floating just below the surface of the water. Remove the foam immediately and allow it to drain for several minutes before inserting it into the container.

Insert the saturated Oasis foam into the container, pushing it down so that it extends approximately 1 inch above the top of the container.

Prepare the fresh flowers by cutting the stems off at a 45-degree angle and immediately insert them into the Oasis foam. Push the stems into the foam and ensure that the bottom edge of each stem is in full contact with the foam. If you insert a flower stem and then you must pull it back up to reposition it, the stem will not have full contact with the Oasis foam. Reinsert the flower stem in another location on the foam to ensure proper contact.

Water the Oasis foam every day to make sure it stays filled with water. Insert the tip of the watering can into the notch in the side of the Oasis and pour in additional water until the foam is full of water again.

Tips & Warnings

  • When your floral arrangement is spent and you must dispose of the fresh flowers, also discard the Oasis. Never reuse Oasis because the holes in previously used foam will not allow proper contact with the flower stems.


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