How to Add Music to Digital Picture Frames

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Digital picture frames are neat devices that trump normal picture frames by being able to display slide shows. They come in various sizes, shapes and colors, and some of them can play music. If you have one of the digital picture frames that plays music, you can easily add songs to it with a USB memory card reader. The procedure is easy and fast, so you can change songs whenever you feel like it.


Step 1

Turn off the digital picture frame and remove the memory card and insert it into the USB memory card reader.

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Step 2

Insert the USB memory card reader into a USB port on your computer. A dialogue box will appear, prompting you to open the folder to view the contents. Open the folder and then minimize it.

Step 3

Open the folder that contains the music files you want to add to the digital picture frame. The files must be in MP3 format, so if they're in any other format, you'll have to convert them before the digital picture frame can use them.

Step 4

Copy and paste or click and drag the files to the memory card folder.


Step 5

Remove the memory card from the USB adapter and insert it into the digital picture frame.

Step 6

Turn on the digital picture frame and the songs will play.

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