How to Sew a Vacuum Cleaner Cover

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Things You'll Need

  • 2 yards of fabric

  • Tape measure

  • Scissors

  • Sewing machine or needle and thread

There are a variety of commercial patterns available for sewing vacuum cleaner covers, but most of them are not suitable for a beginning sewer. The instructions provided here will help you to sew a vacuum cleaner cover for your upright vacuum cleaner, albeit a very simple, plain one. Embellishments or modifications can be made according your sewing abilities and desired look. Additionally, because the pattern is so basic, it can easily be modified to fit a larger or smaller upright vacuum.


Step 1

Measure and cut a length of fabric that is 55 inches long by 15 inches wide, and a strip that is 65 inches long by 15 inches wide.

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Step 2

Measure and cut two strips of fabric that are 55 inches long by 10 inches wide. Measure 10 inches from the top of one side on both pieces of fabric, then cut from this point to the opposite corner to create an angled corner.


Step 3

With the right sides together, sew the longest edge of one 55 inch by 10 inch piece to one side of the 55 inch by 15 inch piece.

Follow the same procedure for the other 55 inch by 10 inch piece of fabric on the opposite side.


Step 4

With the right sides together, sew the 55 inch by 15 inch piece of fabric to the 65 inch by 15 inch piece along the top edge.

Step 5

Sew the 65 inch piece to the angled side pieces all way down. When you are finished, you should have a kind of fabric box with one angled end.

Step 6

Hem the bottom edge all around, then turn the entire cover right side out.


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