How to Make a Poncho With a Hood

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Things You'll Need

  • 45-inch square of polar fleece

  • 12-inch by 24-inch rectangle of polar fleece

  • Scissors

  • Thread

  • Sewing machine

A hooded poncho is a savvy piece of outerwear that is far easier to make than a comparably warm sweater, jacket or coat. You don't need a pattern in order to make your hooded poncho--and by using polar fleece, you will only need to sew two seams for your project to come together.


Step 1

Fold your 45-inch square of polar fleece in half one time in order to form a large triangle. By doing this, you are setting the angle of the poncho so that your hands will have free access to items in front of you.


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Step 2

Cut a half-circle in the middle of the folded edge of the fabric. This is your neck hole. Technically, you could stop here and have a completed poncho.


Step 3

Fold the 12-inch by 24-inch polar fleece in half.


Step 4

Sew together one of the open edges that runs perpendicular to the folded edge. The folded edge is now the top of your hood, and the sewn edge is now the back.


Step 5

Turn the hood right side out.



Step 6

Sew the bottom edge of the hood to the poncho around the sides and back of the neck hole.


Step 7

Make four-inch cuts perpendicularly around the edges of the fabric at about one and a half-inch intervals in order to create a fringe, if you like.


For a no-sew version of this project, apply Mighty Mend-it fabric glue to the seams of the hood. Hold the fabric firmly in place while the glue dries.



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