How to Dry Grape Vines

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One of the easiest ways to create unique home décor items is to form shapes from green grapevines. Grapevines must be pruned each fall anyway, and you can employ the cuttings in wreaths and other shapes. In addition to being easy, the process for making craft objects from dried grapevines is quick and requires no additional materials. So, instead of paying top dollar for pre-shaped vines at your local craft store, make your own.


Step 1

Remove the leaves from the green vines. You can leave an occasional leaf on the vine and see if the dried leaf works with your design.

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Step 2

Make the green vine into the shape you desire it to be once it has dried. Wrap green vines around an object, such as a pumpkin, so the dried product mimics the shape. You can also form grapevines into large circles to make wonderful wreaths. Once the wreaths dry, you can attach other decorations such as pine cones, ribbons and dried flowers. Make a garland by weaving several vines together and allowing them to dry.


Step 3

Tuck the ends of the vine into the shape you are making. Wedge them between two other lengths of the vine in the shape. You do not need fasteners, and the vines will tighten together as they dry.

Step 4

Hang the finished shape in a dry place. It can hang outside or inside as long as the air is dry enough for the vines to dry and harden. If you hang a green wreath to dry, rotate it every day or so to maintain a circular shape.

Step 5

Decorate your dried vines as desired.


Work with flexible vines that have just been cut from the plant.

You can use other types of vines or branches, such as Virginia Creeper and euonymus, to make dried vine objects.


The vines will shrink somewhat as they dry, so make sure your shapes are slightly larger than you intend them to be after they've dried.

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