How to Write a Funny Birthday Speech

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Things You'll Need

  • Notes about the guest of honor

  • Computer or paper and pen for writing speech

Writing a funny birthday speech can be a bit of a daunting task. While you may know the birthday guy or girl incredibly well, there may be others at the party who aren't as intimately familiar with the honoree. It's vital to temper your speech for the kind of crowd that will be gathering; while projecting a sense of humor that won't be found offensive to anyone in attendance. Start taking notes well ahead of the birthday party, and plan to project your thoughts in a clear and concise manner that will hopefully find guests chuckling throughout the event.


Step 1

Open your funny birthday speech with a direct one-liner or even a rhetorical question. For example, "Bob is the worst golfer I know," or "Did you know that Bob and Mary met in a hospital emergency room?" A opener like this will quickly pique interest and enliven the guests in anticipation of what you may be saying next.


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Step 2

Use anecdotes. Short, personal stories you share with the guest of honor, his friends and family members will tickle not only the funny bone of the birthday guy or gal, but those in the audience as well. Drum up the silliest or more ridiculous times you've shared; and use dramatic pauses while speaking to enhance the humorous aspects.


Step 3

Create backup material. List the funny moments you have shared with the guest of honor. If you don't use every one of the examples when writing the speech, revise the list with those you haven't incorporated. Keep the list on the podium for backup while you're giving your birthday speech. No matter how many times you practice giving a speech beforehand, you almost always deliver it faster when actually giving the speech. If you need a couple of time fillers or if the crowd is roaring, use the backup anecdotes or humorous memories.


Step 4

Use insults in your birthday speech only if you are sure that no one at the gathering will be hurt or insulted by your words. Watch comedians like Ellen DeGeneres and Jay Leno. While they poke fun at people, they do so in a way that isn't offensive or hurtful. Be a bit less funny in your birthday speech rather than be remembered for making improper comments.


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