How to Make Your Own Snap Cards

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Snap is a fast-paced card game in which the player with a quick eye and sharp matching skills collects the most cards to win. If you like the game, you can design your own cards to make the contest even more entertaining. Customized Snap cards will also help you teach the game to preschool children, who will love matching favorite colors, characters or shapes. Use simple techniques to design durable cards that will be the hit of family game night.


Things You'll Need

  • Cardstock, Chipboard Or Poster Board

  • Accent Or Rubber Stamp

  • Embellishments

  • Scissors, Craft Knife Or Paper Trimmer

Step 1

Choose cardstock, chipboard or poster board for the background for the Snap cards. Heavy material will help the cards withstand the frequent bending that often occurs as players flip the cards during the high-speed game.

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Step 2

Determine how many cards you'd like to create for the Snap deck. You can make a deck with any even number of cards as long as each card has an identical "mate"—try a smaller number like 20 for a kids' Snap deck or a larger amount like 50 to use in an adult's game.


Step 3

Use scissors, a craft knife or a paper trimmer to cut the cardstock, chipboard or poster board into 3-by-4-inch cards. If you'll be using the deck with preschool-age children, for example, consider making the cards bigger so they're easier for the kids to identify and hold.

Step 4

Select flat embellishments to make matching pairs of Snap cards, such as stickers, photos, die cuts or fabric swatches. Make sure each card has an identical mate.

Step 5

Put the embellishments on one side of the Snap cards. Leave the backs of the cards plain or add the same symbol to all of the cards, such as a flower sticker or rubber-stamped letters that spell out "Snap."


Consider laminating the handmade cards to make the deck last longer. Office supply stores, copy centers and teacher supply shops have laminating equipment available. The cards will come out of the machine in a single sheet that you’ll need to cut apart.

If you’re running short on time, turn an ordinary deck of cards into a custom-made, themed deck of Snap cards by putting stickers of symbols, cartoon characters, letters, numbers or shapes over each card’s existing number, image and suit. For example, cover the four “eight” cards with pairs of matching Christmas tree stickers and the four “king” cards with matching pairs of Santa Claus die cuts.

Create decks of Snap cards as homemade gifts for birthdays, baby showers or anniversaries. To make a baby shower gift, for example, cover each card with patterned paper featuring alphabet blocks, baby handprints or a pretty pastel plaid. Add matching stickers of objects like baby booties, rattles, bottles, diapers or rubber ducks. Bundle the themed Snap card deck with a white bow that has the Snap rules attached.


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