How to Install Drapery Tiebacks

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Things You'll Need

  • Measuring tape

  • Pencil

  • Hammer

  • Small nails or tacks

Drapery tiebacks are attractive finishing touches to window treatments.

Drapery tiebacks are not only functional ways to hold back curtains when they are open, but they also serve as attractive finishing touches to the decor of your home. Not to be confused with metal holdbacks, tiebacks are made of fabric, cording or bows that usually attach to a hook on the wall. Installing drapery tiebacks is not difficult and can be accomplished with tools that you very likely already have around the house. The hardest part is measuring the correct distances so that the draperies are held back at a functional, yet attractive, looking distance from the window itself.


Step 1

Hang the draperies on the window and make sure that they are the correct length. If you want to shorten them, do so before you install the tiebacks as this will affect how the draperies hang when tied back.

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Step 2

Using a tape measure, measure the length of one side of the draperies. Now calculate 60 percent of this number. That is the optimal measurement at which to install the tieback. For example, if the draperies are 80 inches long, you will install the tiebacks at 48 inches from the top of the draperies.

Step 3

If the tieback has hooks or loops on it, you must attach it to the wall. To do this, place the tieback around one side of the drapery and hold it in place to see if you like the location. If you do, use a pencil to make a small dot on the wall where the hook or loop falls. Take the tieback down and, using the hammer, insert a small tack or nail into the location you marked with the pencil. Loop the tieback around the drapery and attach the hooks to the nail.


Step 4

If the tieback does not have loops, it is the kind that simply holds the drapery back by securing each side. To install this type, pull the draperies completely closed. Take one side and gather it together in the middle, then pull it to the side of the window. Loop the tieback around the center section of the drapery at least twice. Just above the tieback, take the edge of the drapery that is nearest to the window and pull it up slightly. This creates an attractive draped effect. Repeat steps on the other side of the drapery.


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