How to Make Wood Shavings

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Wood shavings have many uses, but by making your own out of excess firewood or lumber that you may have laying around the house, you can recycle while saving money on some of your regular household supplies. Use wood shavings in substitution for cat littler, pet bedding and to line your walkways or barns.


Make Wood Shavings

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Things You'll Need

  • Goggles For Safety

  • Plane

  • Work Gloves For Safety

Step 1

Set your plane to the size of chip you wish to make, by adjusting the nut to change the height of the blade. Place the wood to be chipped on a safe surface, like a work table. Be sure to wear sunglasses or safety goggles if you are making small chips.


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Step 2

Use one hand to hold down the wood if it is free standing; for most people this would be the left hand, as it should be your non-working hand. Holding the plane in your right hand, place the blade against the edge of the wood. Applying even pressure, pull downwards to shave a thin slice of wood off of your log or piece.


Step 3

Repeat shaving as needed to accumulate desired shavings. Use your gloved hands or a broom to sweep shavings into a bag or bucket for use. Know that for large-scale projects, a mechanical wood chipper, used by a professional, is more expedient and practical.