How to Make a 3 Tier Diaper Cake

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Things You'll Need

  • Scissors

  • 55-70 cloth diapers

  • Craft glue or double-sided tape

  • Small and large rubber bands

  • Dowel rod

  • Decorations

A diaper cake, which is constructed of various sizes and colors of rolled cloth diapers, makes a cute baby shower centerpiece that will be much more useful to new moms than an edible cake -- especially if she is planning to cloth-diaper her newborn. You can customize the three-tier diaper cake by using different colored diapers and ribbons, and you could also sneak in a few baby washcloths and towels for added texture and interest. If you use only diapers, expect to use between 55 to 70 diapers to construct this cake.


Step 1

Roll each diaper, using a small rubber band to secure each diaper. Place the rubber band at the center of each diaper.

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Step 2

Begin constructing the bottom tier. Take about 40 of the diapers you've rolled -- larger ones if you have different sizes. Group the rolled diapers in a circle, standing the diapers up vertically. Place a small, thin dowel rod in the middle of the circle of diapers. Push the diapers closer around the dowel rod and secure them all together with one large rubber band. You should end up with a circle of diapers with a dowel rod sticking up from the middle of them.

Step 3

Begin constructing the second diaper tier. Take about 20 rolled diapers for this tier. Place them around the dowel rod and on top of the first layer. Place the diapers with the seam ends facing the dowel rod so there is a smooth appearance. Secure this tier with a rubber band.

Step 4

Repeat the process for the third tier, using 10 rolled diapers. This layer should completely hide the dowel rod. If the dowel rod is still appearing above the diapers, either cut it or incorporate the dowel in the decorations, such as by tying a bow to it.


Step 5

Wrap each tier with ribbons. These ribbons not only add color and decoration to the cake, they also cover the rubber bands that are holding the diapers to the dowel rod. Because of this, choose ribbon that is quite wide. Use craft glue to secure the ends of the ribbons together, taking care to not get excess adhesive on the diapers.

Step 6

Decorate the cake with other baby supplies and top it with a baby blanket or toy.


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