How to Keep Latex Balloons Longer

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Latex balloons are most commonly used for special events such as weddings or birthday parties. They are made of rubbery material and are often filled with helium to make them stay up on their own. They are tied down by strings and are used to make arches and columns for parties. Latex balloons last anywhere from 8 to 14 hours, but they can last longer if you follow a few simple instructions.


Step 1

Keep the latex balloons away from heat. Keeping them in cooler temperatures will prolong the life of the latex balloon. When exposed to heat, they last no more than 8 hours, and, in extreme temperatures, they could pop.

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Step 2

Use a 60/40 inflater to inflate your latex balloons. The 60/40 will input 40 percent air and 60 percent helium. This can prolong your latex balloons for several more hours and possibly several days depending on how hot it is in the area the balloons are placed. The 60/40 inflater works best with balloons larger than 14 inches.

Step 3

Spray hi-float into your balloon before using a 60/40 inflater. These two work best together and will help keep your latex balloons alive for days. How big your balloon is will depend on how much hi-float you will need. For example, place the opening of the balloon over the pump of the hi-float. If it is an 11-inch balloon, then pump the spray up to three times. Then inflate the balloon to the fullest capacity with the 60/40 inflater.


Step 4

Keep the balloon tied tightly. Whether you have helium inside the balloon or used an air machine to pump it, the balloon will let out the air quicker if it isn't tied tightly. After placing air in the latex balloon, use a small rope or ribbon to tie the balloon at its opening to keep the balloon from seeping much air.


For best life in a latex balloon, stay away from pearl and metallic balloons.

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