How to Make Rice Wraps

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Things You'll Need

  • Rice paper wraps

  • Lettuce

  • Carrots

  • Mung bean sprouts

  • Tofu or shrimp

  • Cilantro

Rice paper wraps make refreshing spring rolls.

Rice paper spring rolls are a popular Vietnamese dish. The rice wrap is uncooked, only soaked in warm water to soften it enough to create the wrap. The wraps are quick and easy to make. Rice wraps make a great summer dish because they do not have to be cooked; pre-cooked meat or tofu can be used in the wraps. The wraps make a great appetizer, lunch or even a main course for a light dinner.


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Step 1

Wash all the vegetables. Remove the thick rind of the lettuce and tear into 2-inch long pieces. Peel the carrots and cut into 2-inch long matchsticks. Cut the tofu into 1-inch by 2-inch pieces. Separate the cilantro into sprigs with a few leafs on each sprig.

Step 2

Clear a work surface for wrapping the rice paper wraps. Fill a large bowl with warm water.

Step 3

Place a rice paper wrap into the warm water. Squish it around a little. Feel the wrap every 30 seconds to see if it begins to soften. Once it is soft enough to wrap, remove it from the bowl and place on the work surface.


Step 4

Lay a piece of lettuce an inch from the bottom of the rice paper wrap, centered. Place several pieces of carrots, mung beans sprouts, a piece of tofu or shrimp and a few sprigs of cilantro. Determine the exact amount of vegetables to your liking.

Step 5

Fold the bottom of the wrap over the top of the vegetables. Holding the wrap with one hand, fold each side in on top of it. Roll the folded ingredients to the top of the rice paper wrap to finish the wrap. Place aside on a plate. Repeat with the next wrap.


Be delicate with the rice wraps or they will tear.

If the rice wraps are left too long in the water they will tear easily.

Experiment with the ingredients in the spring rolls. Different herbs like basil are also delicious in a spring roll. Flavored meats such as lemongrass chicken can also make the rolls more exciting.

For a party, set up a spring roll wrapping station. Guests can make their own spring rolls to their taste.

Get a variety of Vietnamese dipping sauces for the spring rolls.