How To Fix Broken Glass Candle Holders

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Things You'll Need

  • Warm soapy water

  • Wet-erase marker

  • Ultra-violet glass glue

  • Ultra-violet light

  • Razor blade

You hear breaking glass and run to see your child standing over your great grandmother's antique glass candle holders. Your heart sinks because you know it is irreplaceable. It is possible to repair the broken candle holders with a little skill and knowledge.

Fixing the Candle Holders

Step 1

Clean up the area where the candle holders broke and collect all pieces of broken glass. Place all pieces on a tray so that none are lost.


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Step 2

Use a warm soapy solution to clean each piece that will be glued together. Thoroughly dry each piece after washed.

Step 3

Examine the pieces and identify the position each piece will be glued together. Draw on the candle holder with a wet-erase marker to note the positioning of each piece.

Step 4

Apply a small amount of UV glass glue to one piece. Firmly press the second piece to the first. Allow the glue to ooze out. Double check to ensure the correct position of each piece.

Step 5

Place the pieces under a UV Lamp and expose for 5 minutes. The UV Light will cure the glue.

Step 6

Clean the seam with a razor blade. Use a wet rag to remove the wet-erase marker. Repeat these procedures with any additional pieces.


Spend extra time to ensure proper positioning of each piece before gluing.


Use extreme caution when handling broken glass. Excessive exposure to UV light will irritate your skin.


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