How to Make Rock & Quartz Crystal Jewelry

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Things You'll Need

  • Crystal or other rock

  • Jewelry wire

  • Pliers -- round nose, needle nose and/or bent nose

  • Cord or chain

Wire-wrapped pendants

There are lots of different ways to make breathtaking jewelry from crystals and other rocks (just ask any bride). But arguably one of the coolest and classiest, not to mention easiest, ways to make beautiful jewelry from rocks is by wire wrapping. It's also the most versatile, because the stone doesn't need to have a hole in it for stringing. Whether or not you believe in the energy and healing powers of crystals, you'll be impressed by these pieces and so will your friends. Now you know what to get them all next Christmas!


Step 1

Choose your crystal or other rock. You can use raw unfinished crystals, polished crystals, or any tumbled semi-precious stone.

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Step 2

From a craft supply store, get some jewelry wire in a color that goes well with your stone; silver sets off any color, while gold looks great with warm-toned rocks such as Tiger's Eye or Goldstone. Either color works great with clear quartz crystals, depending on your taste. Jewelry wire varies in thickness (gauge) and hardness (temper). Choose a soft-temper wire for ease of working and whichever gauge you like best.


Step 3

With the wire cutter part of your pliers, cut off a few feet of wire to work with.

Step 4

Using your pliers, make a loop in one end of the wire, and then wrap the short end of the wire around the loop several times, like a noose. This loop is the top of your pendant, where you'll hang it from a chain or a cord.


Step 5

Taking the long end of the wire, begin wrapping it around your stone. You can choose to do a symmetrical figure eight that wraps around front and back of your stone like an X, or you can randomly loop the wire around the rock, loose in some places and holding it tightly in place in others. Feel free to bend the wire in circles, or twist it around itself in places.


Step 6

To make spirals, start looping the wire with your pliers, and then hold the loop in your pliers as you continue to spiral the wire around itself with your thumb and forefinger.

Step 7

When you've wrapped enough wire to your liking, finish it off by wrapping the loose end around the top loop where you started. Cut the extra wire off, and tuck in the end .

Step 8

Hang your pendant on a piece of leather cord, a chain that matches the color of your wire or a silk string.


You can get more precise and creative with your designs by having a variety of jewelry pliers on hand, round nose, needle nose (or chain nose), and bent nose, and using one to hold your work while the other twists and spirals the wire.

You can also string a few beads on your wire to give an added dimension; hold them in place by bending the wire around them after sliding them on.


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