How to Make Baby Shower Diaper Cakes

Things You'll Need

  • 50 diapers

  • Cake platter

  • Tape or rubber bands

  • Safety pins

  • Ribbons

  • White sheet

Make a cake a baby can wear.

A baby shower diaper cake is not only a whimsical gift, but it's very functional. After everyone enjoys looking at it, you can use the diapers from it on your new baby. Making a diaper cake simply involves rolling up the diapers and arranging them in tiers. Give the finished product away to the new mom and make it the centerpiece of the shower.

Step 1

Roll up all of the diapers and use a rubber band or tape to keep them in a cylindrical shape. Arrange about 30 of the diapers on the bottom tier of the cake on a platter in a circular pattern. Pin the diapers together with safety pins or tape. Or use ribbons to give the tier a more finished look. Cover the bottom tier with a white sheet and pin it to the diapers for an even more solid base.

Step 2

Place about half as many diapers as the first tier on top of the first tier in a circular pattern to make a smaller middle tier. Hold the diapers together with tape or pins again, and pin the second tier to the first tier for more stability.

Step 3

Arrange about seven more diapers on the tip tier. Pin the diapers to the tier below and tie them all together with a ribbon or rubber band. Pin a small baby gift, such as a toy, to the top tier.

Step 4

Decorate the cake with baby toys or colored ribbons.