How to Make Resin Beads

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Things You'll Need

  • Easy Cast two part epoxy casting resin (found at craft stores)

  • Bead molds (found at craft stores)

  • Mold release (found a craft stores)

  • Rods for making holes in beads (found at craft stores)

Make Resin Beads

Making your own beads is a great way to ensure you get precisely the size, shape and design that you want. Beads come in a variety of types in both stores and on the Internet, but for some, only hand-made will do. With a few supplies, a bit of time and some creativity, you will be on the road to making your own resin beads in no time. Check the resource section of this article for a great book that tells you all kinds of things about making jewelry from resin.


Step 1

Spray the mold release on your bead mold, and all over the hole making rod.

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Step 2

Insert the hole rod into the correct space in the mold.

Step 3

Mix the casting resin thoroughly according to package directions.


Step 4

Pour the resin into the mold. Allow the resin to cure overnight.

Step 5

Remove the rod and mold from your new bead.


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