How to Make Yoga Mat Spray

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Things You'll Need

  • purified or distilled water

  • 1/4 cup witch hazel

  • 30 drops tea tree essential oil

  • 1/8 cup alcohol (optional)

  • up to 40 drops total of lavender, rosemary, lemongrass OR other skin-friendly essential oils

  • a spray bottle

Buying a yoga mat cleaner can be time consuming since a lot of places don't carry mat spray, or they're charging a lot for it. Why not make your own personalized yoga mat cleanser with all natural ingredients? Use the steps below and the ingredients in Things You'll Need to make your yoga mat spray.

Step 1

Buy your ingredients. Remember that you're only using a small amount of your essential oils, so those little, seemingly pricey bottles will be economical in the long run. Most health food stores have essential oils to purchase along with small guides about which ones are safe for the skin and/or which make good cleansers. (You won't be spraying your mat cleaner onto your skin of course, but a small residue may touch your skin when you practice next.) Look in the travel size section of your drugstore or department store for spray bottles and witch hazel.

Step 2

Create your custom blend. Tea tree oil will be the main ingredient in your yoga mat cleaner after water and witch hazel, so when you experiment with your oils, be sure to put that in first. Scale down the drops so you don't waste your essential oils while you are testing. For example, you could try 5 tea tree drops with 2 lavender and 2 peppermint.

Step 3

Pour your master blended yoga mat spray into your spray bottle. Remember that your blend should have started with the base of 1 cup water, 1/4 cup witch hazel, and 30 drops tea tree oil - followed by any mixture of up to 40 drops of other essential oils. Going heavy on the lavender usually comes out very pleasant.

Step 4

Use your yoga mat cleaner. You can spray onto your mat before or after your yoga class (but if you use it after, your mat will be fresh for each practice). Spray a thin layer onto your mat and wipe off with a dry or slightly dampened cloth or paper towel. If you have time to let your mat dry before you need it again, you can get your mat a little wetter and use a little more spray.


Be careful not to spray onto yoga studio floors since the oil can create some slickness. Spray just a couple inches away from your mat to avoid this. Be sure to label your yoga spray to indicate that it is not to be sprayed onto the face or skin!